Commercial law

 A. Commercial Law

I have a wide range experience in commercial  law, and associated areas including dispute resolution, corporate  insolvency, and employment law. A considerable amount of my work  involves debt recovery. Using a barrister in this way has proved to be  an extremely effective tool and cost efficient way of recovering  commercial debts. I am able to deal with guarantee claim, a full range  of contractual disputes and the drafting of commercial contracts and  agreements

B. Civil Litigation​

I  provide advice and representation to both business and individuals in  relation to a range of civil legal matters from debt recovery to complex  commercial disputes. I am able to provide pre-action advice on the  strengths and weaknesses in a given case. Should court action be  necessary or unavoidable I am able to draft legal documents, correspond  with the opposite party and offer full representation at all subsequent  court hearings. I am able to assist with:

  • Defamation and slander
  • Contractual issues 
  • Commercial disputes 
  • Debt recovery
  • Consumer or retail disputes 
  • Neighbour disputes 
  • Injunctions